Restorative Touch Massage


What Lynette's clients are saying...

Lynette is, by far, the most skilled massage therapist I've ever seen! I first saw her when she was still in massage school, and I've been a devoted client ever since! What I particularly love about Lynette is that she just knows what needs work! I walk into her room thinking one body part needs attention. She attentively listens to my requests, but often discovers something else. I always feel like I get the best treatment ever. I also love that she really knows how to do deep tissue massage. She can do the softer relaxation massages too, but deep tissue is definitely what I'm after when I see her. My husband is another one of Lynette's biggest fans, and he's one picky guy when it comes to liking his LMT!
– MJ Wilson
I have known Lynette for a little more than two years and think she is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had work on me. I am a chiropractor and have referred my clients to her for the last two years as well. All of my clients who she has worked on have always reported how amazing she is. She is very intuitive and seems to know what your body can handle and how to get the most out of each session. If you are looking for a great massage and not just a good massage, I would call Lynette.
- Aaron Radspinner, D.C., Discover Chiropractic
Lynette has healed me for over 2 years now. Without her, I wouldn't be able to run or climb like I can today. With her intuitive touch, Lynette is able to find and focus on the true issues at hand. She has gone deep when needed or simply cleansed when my body asked for it. We each have roles in my body's fitness: I beat the hell out of it; Lynette keeps it healthy for me to do so. I can't recommend Lynette highly enough.
- John Eberle, general manager of running, Nike
As a massage therapist, I demand a lot from my body to perform my work. So it is imperative for me to take excellent care of my body. Lynette is the perfect match for my therapeutic massage needs. She is excellent at finding the root cause of issues, which often are located away from the pain. Lynette has a fabulous blend of strength, intuition, therapeutic touch and compassion, which complement her knowledge of the body. Lynette is my all-time favorite and most highly regarded massage therapist.
- Molly Caldwell, L.M.T., Vibrance Massage Therapy and Wellness
Lynette has been my massage therapist for almost 10 years, and I have a difficult time imagining going to anyone else for bodywork. She has a wonderful, intuitive nature and she always knows just what my body and spirit need. She creates a calming, mindful atmosphere in each session that allows me to completely relax and let go. I leave Lynette's table with a renewed sense of well-being and a peaceful heart. I am so grateful that she is a part of my life.
– Lisa Incognito